How Do I Conserve Battery Life While Using the App?

How do I conserve battery life on the course?

The biggest drain on your battery is the screen. The simple act of turning the screen on and off between shots will decrease your battery life.

The SwingU app has a power usage setting that can help maintain your battery while playing.  When you set it to  High, your app will retrieve distance faster, and the battery will drain faster, too. When it’s set to Low, the distance may take a little more time to come back, but your power consumption will be reduced.

To adjust your app’s power usage:
  1. Log into the app
  2. Click on "You"
  3. Click "SETTINGS"
  4. Click on "APP SETTINGS"
  5. Click "POWER USAGE" and adjust the setting
* updated  October 9, 2018

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