How can I cancel my subscription so I will not be billed again?

How can I cancel my subscription so I will not be billed again?

Yearly Subscription

If you paid either through iTunes, Google Play, or the SwingxSwing website, you will not be billed again next year.  Once your paid year is up, you will automatically lose access to the Looper upgrade and you will NOT be charged for another year.

However, if you purchased before 2015 and you paid through or PayPal, you are set up on a yearly basis with an automatic renewal.

If you paid via PayPal, you can cancel your auto renew by:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
  2. Click "PROFILE"near the top of the page
  3. Click "MY MONEY"
  4. In the "My Preapproved Payments" section, click "UPDATE"       
  6. Follow the instructions
If you paid via the SwingxSwing website, you can cancel your auto renew by:
  1. Contact the SwingxSwing support team by sending an email to:
  2. Simply request your auto renew to be cancelled and we can take care of it for you
Month to Month Subscription

If you purchased the month to month subscription, you will have to cancel via the app. In order to cancel, you will have to go through your app to cancel your Looper subscription. Please see the directions below:

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Please click on "All About Me" 
  3. Click on "Settings"
  4. From this screen, please click on "Subscription" and then at the bottom of the screen you will see a link that says "manage subscriptions." This link will direct you to either iTunes or Google Play (depending on who you purchased through) and you can cancel your Looper upgrade.

If that doesn't work, here are a few other links that you can use to cancel your subscription.

Subscription via iTunes (iOS)

Subscription via Google Play (Android)

Additionally, you may be able to get your Google Play subscription cancelled by the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device
  2. Tap "Menu"
  3. Click on "Account"
  4. Select "Subscriptions"
  5. Click "Cancel"

* updated June 21, 2017

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