iPhone: Why does the app not update my position as I move through the course?

You will want to check the GPS settings for Swing by Swing

  1. Go to Settings from your iPhone (not the app)

  2. Select Privacy

  3. Select Location Services

  4. Make sure your Location Services says “ON”

  5. Make sure your Swing by Swing application says “Always”  If you change this setting to always, please log out of the app and log back in so that it can get the new setting.

If Swing by Swing says “always” and is still not giving a GPS signal:

  1. Go back to Location Services

  2. Turn your Swing by Swing Application to “OFF”

  3. Go back and open the Swing by Swing application from your phone and it should then ask if you “would like to allow access for Swing by Swing.”

  4. Click Yes

It’s always a good habit to power off your phone for about 1 minute before each round. This will reset your phones satellites and will increase accuracy when on the course.

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