How much data will Swing by Swing use on the course?

Typically, about 18-20 MB are used the first time you download an 18-hole golf course. So, on average, a little more than 1 MB per hole.

To save on your data usage It's a great idea to cache all 18-holes of your course while at home, connected to the wifi network.  This can be done by taking the following steps

  • Select the course
  • Tap Course Explorer from the course home page
  • View each hole individually (30 - 45 total time for all 18 holes)
  • Do not close the app as this will clear the cache
  • When you get to the course, tap start round and the app will take the images from the phone cache.
  • It is recommended to do this each time you play.

If you've already cached the map tiles when you hit the course, your on-course data usage will be much smaller. Depending on how many photos you upload, and what your power setting is, you can expect 3-10 MB outside of map tiles.

In addition this will also save dramatically on the battery usage.

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