How do I maintain better battery life on my iPhone?

iPhone’s have the ability to multitask and have many applications running at once. This may significantly affect power usage on your phone if you have multiple programs running.

To determine which Apps are currently running on your phone:

  • Double-press the “Home Button” at the bottom center on the front of the phone.
  • The icons of the Apps currently running will appear on the screen.

To Close the App(s) on your phone:

  • On iOS 6: Select the App and press on the icon until the little circles with the minus sign shows up. Press the minus sign to close the app.
  • On iOS 7: Flick the App upward to close it

You can also turn off all applications on your phone by completely shutting down your iPhone and re-starting. It may also help to adjust or turn off the settings on thing like Fetching Data, Bluetooth, Location Services, etc.

Finally, be sure you always turn off the screen on your phone in-between shots on the course. The GPS will still run in the background and update your location, even when the screen is locked.

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