Searching for a Course

You can search for a course both on the app and online"


There are two types of searches available on the app.  They are Near and Search:


  • Log into the app
  • Tap Near
  • The app will take your location and then provide a list of courses near to your current location
  • If you see the course you want just tap it and the app will take you to the course home screen and you will be ready to play.
  • If you do not see the course in the Near you can always search by the general search.


  • Log onto the app
  • Tap search
  • You will get a screen with a picture of the globe and push pins.
  • To search for a specific course tap the small brown line at the top of the screen
  • Enter the course name or city where the course is located.
  • With the course name, the map will come up with a push pin representing all the course with the same name.
  • Tap on the one that represents your course, a banner will come up with the course name, if it is the correct course tap the banner 
  • You will go to the course home screen and ready to play.
  • If you search by the city name, the app will give you a list of all courses in that city and you can select the course from the list.


  • Log on at
  • click on courses
  • Enter the course name
  • Select the course from the list.

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