How to add a friend

Swing by Swing allows you to keep score for your friends. Their stats will compile just like yours, and when the round is over, they will be able to see how they performed this round, compared to previous rounds you've kept their score. 

There are two ways to add a friend.

While Playing

#1 - Add a friend when starting a new round on the app. 

  • Go to the scorecard settings page, tap the tab showing the image of a man, 
  • Add the player's name and email address (optional)
  • The player will then be added to the scorecard.
  • Players will appear on the scorecard based on their customer id number applied at the time they are added.

#2 - Before the Round starts 

  • Log on to the App
  • Tap on the ALL ABOUT ME tab
  • Tap on the FRIENDS button
  • Tap on ADD FRIEND

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