How do I get my handicap calculated?

Your handicap in Swing by Swing is automatically calculated after you submit a few rounds. From there, the more scorecards you submit, the more accurate the Handicap calculation will be!

The USGA formula is meant for 18 hole rounds with a course par of 69 or better.

Rounds played on executive and par 3 courses will be listed in your playing history but will not appear in the handicap listing.

9 hole rounds with a par of 35 or better will be shown, but they will make your handicap artificially low if the majority of rounds in that are be ing used for calculating your handicap are 9 hole rounds.

It takes 3 rounds to get your first handicap calculation. You can use Swing by Swing to play these rounds, or you can manually enter them.

Check your handicap from within the app by tapping the all about me tab, then HANDICAP.

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