How to use the Club Tracker to track your shots

Using the Club Tracker for just a couple of rounds will lock in your exact distances for each club in the bag. You’ll never have to guess how far a club goes, and you’ll never overestimate your distance.

You can learn how to use the Club Tracker with just a few short steps:

  • When standing at your ball, tap the bottom right hand of your screen to load the Club Tracker
  • Select the Club you are using
  • Lock the phone, put it in your pocket, and hit the ball
  • Unlock the phone as you're walking up to your ball. This helps give the app a little time to lock in your exact location.
  • Touch the BIG, GREEN, FINISH button to end your shot.

So: Bottom right corner —> Club —> (put in your pocket and hit ball); walk to ball —-> Finish —> (Start new shot if you’d like and repeat)

NOTE: The club tracking is currently only available for Looper premium members. Freebie users can still track a shot, you just can't specify which club was used or store the shot history.

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