How to use the Club Tracker to track your shots

Once you have tracked a club 3 times the app will then have an average distance for that club and will be able to make a recommendation and you’ll never overestimate your distance.

You can learn how to use the Club Tracker with just a few short steps:

  • When standing at your ball, tap the bottom right hand of your screen to load the Club Tracker
  • Select the Club you are using
  • Turn off your screen and put it in your pocket, and hit the ball
  • Turn on the screen as you're walking up to your ball. This helps give the app a little time to lock in your exact location.
  • Touch the BIG, GREEN, FINISH button to end your shot.

So: Bottom right corner —> Club —> (put in your pocket and hit ball); walk to ball —-> Finish —> (Start new shot if you’d like and repeat)

NOTE: The club tracking is currently only available for Looper premium members.

If you are pretty sure of your distances and would like to get started you can add club distances online at just take the following steps:

1.  Go to and log in.

2.  Click on your name 

3. Click on my clubs

4. Select the club enter the distance and save.

5. Repeat for each club.

6. After you have finished open the app and the distances will be there and the app will use these distances for club recommendation.

7. These distances can be updated as you play by taking the steps mention at the top of this article.

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